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Aziende specializzate nell'additive manufacturing

In recent years, companies have shown increasing interest in consultancy services regarding Additive Manufacturing (AM).  A trend that is attributed to various key factors that are influencing the development of this type of specialist consultancy. 

Firstly, Additive Manufacturing is a relatively new, continuously-evolving technology. Many industrial sectors are exploring the potential of additive technologies and are trying to understand how best to exploit it to improve their production processes. 

When provided by an effective and expert player, Additive Manufacturing consultancy services provide essential support for companies that intend to adopt additive technologies, a way to guide companies in understanding the opportunities that industrial 3D printing offers. 

In this context, the digital platform Madeinadd plays a key role. 

Madeinadd, azienda specializzata nell'additive manufacturing

What is Madeinadd and what role does it play in Additive Manufacturing consulting?

First of all, what is Madeinadd?
It is a brand created by three important players: 

  • the Boost Innovation Fund, a CDP Venture Capital corporate venture builder that co-creates new startups together with leading Italian companies.

  • MIMETE, a producer of metal powders for the additive manufacturing market. 

  • PUNCH, a Turin-based company specialising in the development of innovative propulsion systems that already operates in the additive manufacturing sector. 

Aziende Additive Manufacturing

Madeinadd  was therefore established to bridge the gap that exists in Italy, where the adoption of 3D printing by companies is still less widespread than in other countries.  

It performs this function using a method that is unique to this sector, thereby overcoming all the problems resulting from in-house investments in additive technologies and the strategies adopted to date for identifying reliable providers. 


How is the Madeinadd digital ecosystem structured?


Madeinadd is effectively revolutionising the additive manufacturing outsourcing market, and creating a new industry culture. The basis is a digital platform that provides companies requiring additive manufacturing solutions with real-time assistance. 

In this way: 

Madeinadd provides a digital advisory service, i.e. it identifies the technological solutions and the most appropriate supply chain for fabricating the design uploaded to the platform by the client:

  • Design for Additive: Madeinadd ensures the file components are redesigned specifically for 3D printing.  

  • Fully-comprehensive service: Madeinadd acts as a tier 1 (prime contractor), meaning that it takes care of all aspects of a project even after printing, including the post-processing, validation and shipment of the finished product. 


The advantages for clients who choose Madeinadd


The advantages for companies that choose the Madeinadd system as an as-a-service model are: 


By using the most innovative methods, Additive Manufacturing is able to overcome the limits in terms of form, function and variants associated with traditional systems. 


The products fabricated weigh less and do not waste material, precisely thanks to additive design. 


Madeinadd allows considerable improvements in the time-to-market: using this system, the product has extremely fast development and fabrication times, in the case of both prototyping and serial production. 

High quality 

Additive Manufacturing, as conceived by Madeinadd, can achieve the highest quality standards, often with results that are far superior to those obtained using subtractive methods. 


The design service offered by Madeinadd focuses on performance and on overcoming technical and assembly limitations. 

On-demand production 

The ecosystem offered is fully-comprehensive and its portfolio is constantly evolving: it allows companies to exploit a very large production capacity purely on an on-demand basis. 


Additive Manufacturing makes it possible to consume only the material required, thus reducing waste and producing what is necessary without requiring a warehouse. 

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