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Madeinadd: the system that revolutionizes industrial 3D printing

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Madeinadd: the most effective answer for businesses aiming to remain competitive by leveraging the best Additive Manufacturing technologies in 3D printing.

Why Madeinadd is unique and revolutionary

Madeinadd is the digital advisory: it identifies the technological solutions and the most suitable supply chain capable of realizing each individual project.

A fast production process

Following the 4 crucial phases:

1) Start: upload your project onto the digital platform, specifying, through the configurator, the requirements the final product will need to meet.

2) Solution: Madeinadd will propose the best solution in terms of additive technology to use, materials and design.

3) Comprehensiveness: everything is based on a complete ecosystem that includes production, mechanical processing, post-processing as well as additional testing and quality control.

4) Delivery: you will receive the finished and validated product or products through a reliable and fast logistics service.

The advantages for those who choose Madeinadd

  • Optimization of Time and Costs
    Choosing Madeinadd means, among other aspects, reducing the management time of all processes related to production.

  • Flexibility
    Additive Manufacturing allows surpassing the limitations related to shapes, functionalities, and variations tied to older systems.

  • Lightweighting
    Products created involve, compared to traditional methodologies, less weight and no material waste.

  • Speed
    Significant improvement in time-to-market for both prototyping and serial production.

  • High Quality
    Additive Manufacturing, as conceptualized by Madeinadd, attains the highest quality standards.

  • Performance
    Design focuses on performance along with surpassing technical and assembly limitations.

  • On-Demand Production
    The proposed ecosystem is comprehensive and continuously evolving, harnessing extensive purely on-demand production capacity.

  • Sustainability
    Additive Manufacturing enables the use of only necessary material, completely reducing waste while producing only when needed.


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